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Florida Crash Leads to Dual DUI Charges

DUI arrests frequently arise out of traffic stops police officers conduct due to erratic driving. In some instances, an arrest will be made after the police investigate a collision and determine one of the motorists is impaired due to the consumption of alcohol. While it is not probable for multiple drivers who are intoxicated to be involved in a collision, it is probable. This was illustrated recently in Florida when a rare collision occurred in which both of the drivers involved were arrested and charged with DUI crimes. If you are faced with DUI charges, it would benefit you to speak to an Illinois DUI defense lawyer about what steps you can take to protect your rights.

Florida’s Double DUI Crash

It is alleged that two motorcyclists were involved in a crash in March 2024 at around 10:40 p.m. Florida Highway Patrol responded to the scene, revealing that both motorcycles were traveling on a highway when a car abruptly entered their path and then fled. The first motorcyclist attempted to avoid the car but ended up colliding with the second motorcyclist. Both riders were ejected from their motorcycles and sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

It is reported that one of the drivers refused medical attention at the scene and was subsequently treated and released. The other motorcyclist was transported to a local hospital for treatment. Upon investigation, troopers gathered enough evidence to initiate a DUI investigation against the first motorcyclist, leading to swift arrest after receiving medical treatment. The second motorcyclist allegedly refused to undergo sobriety testing by the responding trooper and later declined further medical treatment at the hospital. Consequently, the second motorcyclist was arrested for DUI refusal. Both individuals were then taken into custody and transported to jail.

Grounds for DUI Charges in Illinois

In Illinois, drivers can face DUI charges if they operate a vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08% or higher or if they are impaired by alcohol or drugs to the extent that it renders them incapable of driving safely. Additionally, under Illinois’ implied consent law, by operating a vehicle on Illinois roads, drivers implicitly consent to chemical testing if lawfully arrested for DUI. As such, drivers who refuse to submit to a breathalyzer when lawfully requested by law enforcement may face immediate consequences, including the suspension of driving privileges for one year for a first offense and three years for subsequent offenses.

Confer with a Knowledgeable Illinois DUI Defense Attorney

People accused of causing collisions while they are intoxicated could potentially face significant penalties, but simply because they are charged with a DUI offense does not mean that there is adequate evidence to convict them. If you are accused of a DUI offense, it is smart to confer with an attorney about your possible defenses. Attorney Theodore J. Harvatin of the Harvatin Law Offices, PC, is a knowledgeable DUI defense lawyer with the skills and experience needed to help you seek a good outcome. You can reach Mr. Harvatin by calling 217.525.0520 or using the online form to arrange a meeting.

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