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Illinois state legislator pleads guilty to DUI

State representative Ron E. Stephens has pleaded guilty to DUI in Macon County (Decatur) Illinois circuit court. This was his first DUI offense.

As any experienced Illinois DUI lawyer can tell you, this makes Stephens eligible for court supervision. Under a supervision disposition, you do not suffer a revocation of your Illinois driver’s license and thereby avoid an Illinois driver’s license reinstatement hearing.

In addition to protecting his driver’s license, Stephens was able to avoid jail time that could have resulted from a DUI conviction. Stephens was ordered to pay fines and court costs of $1,410.00. Furthermore, during the one year he is subject to the supervision of the Macon County courts, Stephens is to refrain from the consumption of any amount of alcohol.

As a Springfield, Illinois DUI and driver’s license reinstatement lawyer, I am familiar with nearby Macon County practices. The sentenced he received, as well as the fines and conditions of his supervision, are the same that any other Macon County DUI offender could expect.

Had Stephens been arrested in Springfield, Illinois for DUI and been granted court supervision, he could have expected to pay fines and costs of $1,220, to attend a Victim Impact Panel, obtain a drug and alcohol evaluation and complete any recommendations of the evaluator. Because this is Stephens’ first offense and his BAC reading was under .15, he will probably be required to complete a 10 hour driver risk education course but no alcohol counseling.

A lawyer who is experienced in Illinois drunk driving defense and understands the consequences to a driver’s license from a DUI conviction may be able to help you avoid jail time, a DUI conviction and loss of your driver’s license, as well as explain the options available to you. Going it alone is not in your best interests.

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