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The time has come for Illinois to lift the lifetime ban on obtaining a drivers license

An experienced Illinois driver’s license reinstatement lawyer knows that Illinois will not issue a new driver’s license, renew an existing one or clear a hold so that you can obtain an out-of-state driver’s license if you have a fourth DUI arrest after January 1, 1999 that results in a conviction. In determining the number of convictions you have, Illinois will include out-of-state convictions even if the convictions do not appear on your Illinois driving record but appear on the National Registry/PDPS.

This leads to harsh results. Years ago, the law did not treat DUI seriously and there was no four-conviction rule. Yet the old DUI counts against you forever, even though you received it before the four-conviction rule applied.

This could result in your paying for a DUI you received 20 or 30 years ago but did not fight because it was “no big deal”. You have now, years later, been convicted of a fourth DUI from an arrest that occurred after January 1, 1999 and been informed that you can never drive again, not even for work.

Florida also has a lifetime ban due to four DUI convictions. There is a bill on the Florida governor’s desk to allow restoration of driving privileges under certain circumstances.

We are working on similar legislation in Illinois. Please contact us if you are facing a lifetime ban in Illinois and we will keep you informed of any changes in the law.

The chances of a DUI arrest are high. Illinois police agencies initiate approximately 50,000 DUI arrests a year. While you may not fall under the four-conviction rule, it represents an example of what can happen to someone who fails to hire an Illinois DUI lawyer to fight a DUI charge and instead gives up his rights without understanding the consequences.

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