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Representative Stephens apologizes for DUI arrest

As a follow up to an earlier Blawg,, Illinois State Representative Ron Stephens has apologized for his recent Illinois DUI arrest.

Stephens’ legislative district encompasses Highland, Illinois. While speaking before that community’s City Council, Stephens for the first time publicly commented on his recent DUI arrest. He apologized for the “huge mistake” he made by driving impaired.

Stephens’ pharmacist’s license was suspended several years earlier due to his personal use of controlled substances that he used his license to obtain. When the suspension ended, his license to practice pharmacy was automatically reinstated.

Had his license been revoked, Stephens would have been required to prove to the board that he was fit to be pharmacist before the board would return his license to him. A driver’s license reinstatement lawyer can explain the difference between a suspension and revocation.

A suspension exists for a definite period of time. Reinstatement of your license is automatic upon payment of a fee, provided your license is otherwise valid. A revocation is for an indefinite period of time. After 1, 5 or 10 years, depending upon your overall driving record, you are eligible to have a driver’s license reinstatement hearing.

You may be able to apply for a restricted driving permit (RDP) during the revocation period. An RDP can only be issued if you can demonstrate undue hardship.

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